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5 DIY Ideas for the Perfect Burlesque Outfit

If there’s one type of fashion that never goes out of style – even as fashion evolves beyond recognition – it’s burlesque. Burlesque is sexy, glamorous and simply gorgeous to behold!

Everyone looks stunning and fancy simply by donning a burlesque outfit. You can create yours at home with some simply accessories:

Attach rhinestones, appliques and feathers to lingerie.

Burlesque outfits are all about glitter and eye-catching decorations. Attach some rhinestones with a rhinestone applicator and arrange them in any pattern you desire by covering them up with some glue.

Purchase some appliques to go along with the rhinestones. Your costume can be beautifully decorated without the need for any sewing skills! Feathers are also great additions to your accessories.

Choose stage-worthy footwear.

Of course, your shoes need to be something you will feel comfortable in. A perfect burlesque outfit will never be achieved without footwear that screams ‘Wow’ at first glance!

Shower your pair of heels with crystals and rhinestones to make sure that your shoes really stand out with all sorts of bling. Finish your project up by painting over the crystals with glittery or pearl-colored nail polish to give them an extra glimmer!

Make a mini top hat.

You can make a small top hat and decorate it to your heart’s content. Choose a mini top hat with a color that would coordinate well with the rest of your costume, and have the extra decorations ready!

Your mini top hat will look stunning with bows, netting, lace and many other decorative items. You can try attaching some Nagorie feather pads and explore with other decorative items when you’re feeling more confident.

Attach fringe to a bra and garter belt.

Just try to add some fringe to the bottom of your bra and the garter belt that you’ll be wearing, and take a look in the mirror. Your reflection will scream perfect burlesque at you simply from these simple attachments!

Don’t rush into sewing it on, though. It might be wise to pin the fringe onto your bra and garter belt first to account for any material stretch and adjustments needed later on.

Pro tip: 4-strap suspender belts are better than 6-strap if you were to wear a garter belt as part of your burlesque outfit.

DIY pasties and tassels.

Perhaps the easiest DIY attachment to your burlesque outfit, pasties can be constructed with a sheet of felt and some accessories. You will only need to make one simple cut, and decorate it with beads and rhinestones if you’d like afterwards.

Of course, you can also add some brightly-colored tassels or feathers atop your pasties to give them a more burlesque touch. However, if you are looking to wear these pasties, you are going to need some fashion tape, spirit gum or carpet tape to hold them in place.

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