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Blame Sleep Deprivation for Your Sugar Cravings

Most who know me know that I’m working on my sleep as a part of my health habits. One of the reasons is because we tend to crave junk food if we don’t get a good amount of sleep. A study from Journal of the American Heart Association shows a link between sleep deprivation and calorie consumption. Those who received less sleep consumed more foods high in sugars, saturated fat, and caffeine. For me, that means if I go to sleep sooner, I won’t eat as much.

The problem I currently have is I believe that I overexert myself at late hours of the night. I usually work out after work. My fitness tracker tells me that it’s time to go to bed, when I’m just about to work on my first set. Socially, sleep was something you would “do when you’re dead.” I never really understood the importance of sleep in terms of maintaining a body weight. I thought working out was all I really needed.

So, what would I need to do to optimize my sleep hygiene? One thing is to not eat any food late at night. I already do the other standard things like trying to go to bed at the same time every night, having a cool room, turning off my screens before bed. Hopefully, sleeping well will stop the cravings for the sugar during the day, but I’m guessing the more I sleep, the less time I have available to eat.

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