Latest Blackheads Removal Tips for 2019

Blackheads are irritating and just like cockroaches; they are persistent. Every time you succeed in eliminating one of them, you find more of them to deal with. You will be spending most of your time in front of your mirror attempting to squeeze them away. Instead of living with the hassle, you may find out from professionals how to completely move on from the blackheads effectively.


Before we explore how to eliminate blackheads, let us first learn about what they are. It is important to know what they are and how to take care of them to avoid making your skin worse. Blackheads merge from oxidization and mixture of oil and dead skin cells within the pores. When they are exposed to air, oxidation occurs to form the black color. Unlike most people assume, having blackheads does not mean you have accumulated dirt. For this reason, do not damage your skin by being rough or scrubbing hard to eliminate them. Instead, you should be gentle as you look for a permanent solution, according to dermatologists.

If you want a permanent solution, here are some tips you should consider.

Washing Your Face Regularly

girl washing her face with water

This is the most basic and easiest of instructions to follow when dealing with blackheads. Although it sounds too simple, frequent cleansing of your skin goes a long way in preventing dirt and oil from accumulating in the pores of your facial skin. Maintain a habit of rinsing your skin in the mornings to rid the face of any bacteria that may be sticking around. You are likely to get some from your pillowcase so ensure that you are cleaning as regularly as possible. Experts suggest that cleansing twice a day is a good routine to help anyone prevent the occurrence. However, this is a preventive measure and may not work effectively in eliminating stubborn blackheads, which are already established. For people who work out, it is important to add a third cleansing process to the second so that you wash away foreign bodies from your skin after you sweat. Although it seems like an overkill, it is perfectly manageable to remove any sweat and oil to avoid the possibility of clogging.


girl exfoliating her skin

Exfoliating twice a week to help dissolve dead skin is a crucial measure for eliminating dead skin, which poses a risk of clogging your pores.  Dermatologists suggest a vigilant exfoliation routine using a washcloth. Cloths are recommended for beginners, enzyme cleansers for intermediates, and glycolic peels for advanced stages. Scrubbing twice a week is the best way to stay up to date with handling blackheads. You should remember to moisturize after every exfoliation exercise as the exfoliate causes drying. Low levels of hydration triggers oil production to compensate for the deficit. This means you will risk causing an increase in more oil and blackheads.

Salicylic Acid

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The salicylic acid gel is used to dissolve the blackhead with quick action. This is a great option and easily found as most over-the-counter products. There are many options such as cleanser, soap for leave-on options. These leave-on products are the best because they give your skin a chance to absorb as much as possible. Leaving the products to spend a lot of time actively on the skin will improve its performance. The longer the time of exposure the better it will work and the faster you will lose the blackheads for good. You will need to use Salicylic acid consistently for at least 4 weeks depending on the level of impact. If you have a high number of blackheads to restore, you will need a longer time. Some of them are resistant and may only loosen instead of completely disappearing.

Mask for Overnight Treatment

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A clay mask is the most common overnight alternative to pull out as much dirt as possible from your skin. Apply 15 minutes before rinsing for desirable results. Most people choose to use it as a spot treatment overnight. According to experts, your pores remain open at night as you sleep giving room for dirt and germs in the air to settle on the skin and clog it. If you are the type with lots of oil production, you should consider using the clay mask on your nose or T-zone to target the common areas for blackheads. Instead of clay, some therapists use charcoal masks as an alternative. Clay formula remains a reliable option for overnight treatment as it comes with plenty of moisturizing components.


In conclusion, the elimination of blackheads requires patience and consistency. Most importantly avoid the myths and common perceptions about dealing with the blackheads. They are misleading and confusing. Instead, check out a professional practitioner to help you make an informed decision. Since this is not something to be ashamed of, take your time to find a permanent solution. Beware that the treatment and preventions come at a cost. For example, you will have to develop a habit of regular cleansing of your face while focusing on the area around your nose and T-bone. Maintaining this habit will help you to overcome and permanently prevent further occurrences of blackheads. Remember to consult a medical practitioner for reliable information on how to deal with it.

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