8 Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars (Scar Removal Treatments)

After struggling with pimples and they are gone, you will have a new problem, acne scars. The marks can be frustrating because they can be there for long if you don’t know the removal tricks. Acne marks are a result of natural healing process. Any form of inflammation on the face will end up in a scar. The likelihood of developing a scar increases with intensity of inflammation.

While real acne scars require professional procedures like lasers, the common definition of acne scars is from inflammations. Usually, the pimple healing process results in either red or brown spots that take from several months or even a year to heal. They can be annoying because they have an impact on cosmetic value.

Good news is you can get rid of them in few weeks. You don’t have to wait for a year and endure the daily embarrassment. Acne marks and scars can be treated to restore your skin tone.

How to treat acne scars

Face Sunscreen

The defining characteristic of acne scars is the dark color. UV rays and direct exposure to sunlight causes the marks to darken. The first measure is to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. Protecting the marks from the sun helps in reducing the dark color hence help in restoring your original skin color. Consistent exposure to the sun may lead to permanent effects.

Most sunscreens contain niacinamide that not only fights inflammation but also brighten the skin. You can get rid of acnes in few weeks with consistent use of sunscreen.


Filler is an injection mainly composed of hyaluronic acid that works on the acne scars from the inside. The solution is absorbed in the skin thus restructuring the pigments to reduce inflammation and color effect. The filler injections should be taken regularly as advised by a dermatologist. Usually, injections are spaced out in months. It is a powerful acne removal technique hence the monthly recommendation

Recovery period is dependent on the inflammation intensity and type of skin. Sensitive skins tend to respond faster to the injections.

Punch excisions

This is a mechanical technique. Acne scars are removed by cutting out the dark spot on the skin. It is more of a surgery. Be sure to engage an experienced professional in cosmetics on this removal technique. Of course, the incision will leave a hole but it should be nothing to worry you. The hole is stitched or grafted with skin of uniform color. After few weeks, the stitch will be hardly noticeable. It is common with pitted acne scars.


This is one of the most effective acne removal techniques. To remove a mark, a high-speed brush is used to scrub over the skin surface. Depending on intensity of the inflammation, the scrubbing or any instrument used can scrub off the dark color. Of course, anesthetic is used to reduce pain. Healing takes weeks to months.

Dermabrasion can also be of low intensity. Instead of a high-speed brush scrubbing on your face, small crystals are sprayed on the acne mark. The low intensity technique is just as effective as the high intensity dermabrasion. The technique guarantees removal of acnes.


Lasers are effective in acne removal. Depending on condition of your acne marks, different laser techniques can be applied to restore your skin tone. Typically, a laser targets at removing the outer layer of your skin. It can be targeted at a specific area or the whole face. Laser treatment also deals with contour areas of the acne marks and redness around the inflammation.

In some cases, the acne scar might be raised; a more advanced laser technique will be suitable in such a case. Healing duration depends on intensity of the laser procedure.

Skin grafting

This is commonly used as part of the healing process. After extreme measures like dermabrasion, the skin might peel off or scarred. In some cases, removal of an acne mark leaves a hole. Skin grafting entails taking skin from behind the ear to cover the affected area. It is an effective technique of removing acne scars.

Chemical peels

Applying a chemical solution all over the face is an effective acne removal technique. The solution aims at removing the outer layer of the skin to lighten the tone and boost appearance. The acid varies in concentration; a dermatologist recommends chemical strength based on acne scar effect. It is the best for post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation in the affected area. Shallow acne scars can also be easily removed by chemical peels.

The procedure can be administered by a nurse, doctor, spa specialist, or nurse practitioner. You are likely to experience redness and peeling for several days as part of the healing process.

Retinoic acid

This is probably the easiest and fastest technique to get rid of acne scars. It is more of a DIY technique. Retunoic acid is a cream that is applied directly on the inflammation. The cream dissolves in the skin to help lighten the dark spots and restore skin tone. When the raised pimple subsides, apply the cream consistently for days and witness restoration of your skin.

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Acne scars are annoying, especially if you try to remove them and it gets worse. Consider the 8 guaranteed techniques.

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