8 Tips To Look Younger In Your 50s

Many times when we remember our birthday is around the corner, we think of the cloth, hair or shoe to buy. Sometimes we think of the kind of party to host for friends and family members to come celebrate but we often forget we are actually getting older. There was a time you were 5, then you grew up to be 10 and now to your present age. Have you ever thought of how you will look when you are 50 years old? Will you look older or younger than your age? This question is for you if you are not up to that age.

I know we want to look younger than our age when we are 50. I will love to look 20 years younger, don’t blame me, looking good is good business. Recently, I stumbled on a picture of Toni Braxton and she was looking so beautiful and young at 51. Now, that is every woman’s dream but how can this be achievable? This is what I will be discussing in this article. A grandmother was asked what was the reason for her young look at 55 years old, she laughed and replied: “I drink lot of water and mind my business.” She was actually right but read on to see if her reasons will make the Tips to look younger in your 50s.

Sleep Well

woman sleeping

Experts do say that 7 – 8 hours of sleep will keep you refreshed and younger over the years. Sleep is natural and allows the body to relax. The key to sleeping isn’t just closing the yes, it is sleeping well. Once you notice you are having difficulty in sleeping, consult medical advice before it develops to insomnia which is a problem to you. There is always a limit to things, sleeping more than 8 hours is not good for the body. You tend to wake slow, tired and stressed. You should also seek the right sleeping position that works for you. This is important because most people wake up with neck or back pain because they slept in the wrong position. Get a mattress and pillow that will help you sleep peacefully.

Drink plenty of water

girl drinking water

When your body organs are functioning well, it reduces sickness and disease which is good as you grow older. Drinking water helps our body organs and has many functions. Water helps to flush out dirt in the body, makes our kidneys function properly, aids weight loss and helps digestion. Dehydration can cause aging which is why it is important to hydrate yourself by taking water. It is important to know that there are ways to drink water to help you – drink water when you first wake up, make sure you take your time to drink water before you eat food and much later after, drink water before and after a vigorous exercise, drink lot of water when you are sick or tired.

Eat Healthy

photo of vegetables

What we eat will either help or harm us. This is why it is good to eat healthy. Experts have shown us to reduce sugar consumption if we want to live long. The skin speaks a lot about our age and if we truly want a smooth skin that will show we are younger and beautiful, cut out sugar. Dermatologists have said it that high intake of sugar is dangerous to your skin. Apart from sugar, reduce fatty foods and junks. Gaining extra weight will make you look 70 when you are still in your 50s. Like I wrote above, drink plenty of water to help in weight loss. Eating balanced diet, which is a proper combination of the classes of food, will help you look younger. Eat fruits and vegetables because they are healthy for your body and skin. Sweet potatoes make your skin beautiful and avocados hydrate the skin to prevent aging. This is possible thanks to the vitamins they provide to the skin naturally.

Exercise Regularly

girl doing bicycle crunches

Exercise helps to relax the muscles and burn excessive fat in the body. Also, it helps the heart to function properly. If you cannot engage in rigorous workout, you can try walking or jogging in the morning and sunset. When your heart functions properly, it pumps blood round the body including the skin to give you that young shine. You can discover that yoga also help to make you look younger than your age. Yoga will reduce stress and help your muscle to calm down thereby no worries about wrinkles.

Cut out Alcohol intake

girl with alcohol

Dehydration is not good for your skin and that is one disadvantage of taking alcohol. Dehydration makes the skin age faster, this is why you need to reduce the intake of alcohol. Drink more of water than alcohol and carbonated drinks. When you have the urge to drink alcohol, make fruit juice or take grape. Stop harming your body and take in only what is useful.

Do what makes You Happy

girl smiling

Happiness makes us live longer and also helps us look better. Look at the mirror when you are happy/smile and when you frown, you can note the difference on your face. You look better and younger when you smile. Find your passion, mix with happy people like children, engage more in your hobbies and watch movies that will make you laugh. Toni Braxton’s passion is her music and she is still into it passionately, I can say that has helped her look younger than her age.

Stop Smoking

cigarette smoke with ash

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that smokers are liable to die young. This warning rings in my head all the time and prevents me from smoking. Smoking drains out the oxygen your body needs thereby having adverse effect on your skin. Go to rehabilitation centers and see how aged smokers look before they get the help they need. If you want to be younger, run from smoking.

Use Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is a moisturizer you can apply on your face. It helps to prevent wrinkle by giving you a smooth skin and pleasant smell. Dry skin is not healthy so apply coconut oil as moisturizer occasionally to help moisten your skin.

Finally, these few tips are just few out of many ways to stay younger. To stay younger, your skin must show it and your body must reflect it. Even though you are in your 50s and was born many years ago, you must evolve like the present generation. Dress to fit and perfectly, you are addressed the way you dress. I hope to see you in your 50s and still think you are in your 30s because I am staying young forever.

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