7 Reasons to Try Contact Lenses

Let me guess – your vision is not as good as it once was – or, in fact, was never good. Maybe you have just found out you need to wear either glasses or contact lenses to improve your eyesight and right now you’re wondering which of the two options is best – or you have been wearing glasses for a long time and are considering switching to contact lenses.

Whatever the circumstances, what’s important is that you’re here. This article will provide you with seven arguments to trying the beauty of contact lenses.

More comfortable

beautiful wearing contact lenses

I’m speaking directly to you, fellow eyeglass – wearers out there. I, too, have worn glasses for many years – if we have to be honest, I’ve been diagnosed with short-sightedness since I’ve been only two years old. So, glasses have practically been almost my entire life. That is, until I tried contact lenses.

See – and this is why I’m speaking to you, my brothers and sisters, and to anyone who is faced with the dilemma of glasses or contact lenses. If you’ve worn glasses for a long time, you should know those constant problems of them slipping down your nose and always having to push them up. Or the fact that, should you go from a very cold place in a very warm (or vice versa) they fog up immediately. Or that they get dirty every 15 minutes, so you have to use a special cloth in order to wipe those irritating smudges of.

Well, constant lenses are free of those issues – they stick to your eye, allowing you to feel more comfortable doing your daily tasks – and, due to that, allow you to focus more fully on what you’re doing.

Better for sports

girl in sports bra doing a lunge

People need physical activity in order to feel good. Take me, for example – I’ve always wanted to participate in some kind of sport – my passion has been (and still is) basketball, but I never could play the way I wanted. I had to always watch out whether the ball was flying over to my face, as if it hit it, it could break my glasses. Or I could trip while running – and break my glasses. Or I would bump into someone and he would knock my glasses out unintentionally – and they would break. And this goes along for any sport you want to take part in, even if it doesn’t include a ball.

See, contact lenses allow you more freedom. You can run more freely, play more actively, and, most importantly, have more fun while doing so. This is because you don’t need to pay attention to your glasses all of the time.

Rain and/or snowfall

girl wearing contact lenses in the rain

You probably feel like you need freaking windshield wipers to go out in bad weather. Your glasses immediately collect all raindrops and snowflakes, obstructing your vision. Contact lenses, on the other hand, don’t get affected by rain or snow at all, allowing you to see more clearly.

Can change your overall appearance

girl wearing colored contacts

You may not be happy with the colour of your eyes. But you can’t change it – it’s genetics.

When using contact lenses, however, this is done much more easily – you simply apply a blue coloured lens, for example, and boom – your eyes immediately get that desired colour. Furthermore, you can play some nasty Halloween tricks on your friend, as there are other interesting options concerning the colour of your lenses…

Don’t obstruct your vision

girl wearing glasses

Nobody who’s ever worn glasses that has said that he/she is not constantly aware of the glasses and frame. Sometimes the distance between the eye and the glass can create certain distortions to your sight as well. Contact lenses, because being placed directly on your eye, create no distortions. They allow you to experience everything in a lot more natural way, without having to constantly know of that irritating frame.

Better peripheral vision

girl with aviator glasses

Remember that frame we spoke of just a few seconds ago? Well, there are even more downsides to it. Glasses do not allow you to have good peripheral vision. Contact lenses don’t have a frame, which allows your eyes to enjoy a free range of sight.

And, frankly, glasses really get in the way

girl with glasses

Yes. Believe me on this one. They get in the way when you’re kissing (don’t get me started on the awkwardness of the moment, should they happen to slip on your nose and fall down). They get in the way if you start to get more intimate (“Wait, let me just get my glasses and find a good place to put them on, as I don’t want to break them – they’re very expensive” – sounds really sexy, doesn’t it?). Contact lenses do not cause such issues. They don’t need removal, should you get in the heat of the moment – and, believe me, this may be a huge confidence boost.

Of course, glasses do have their advantages. They may make you look hotter, smarter, and so on. But why not try contact lenses just once? And we’ll talk later on.

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