6 Most Effective Ways to Remove Skin Tags and Moles

Acrochordons-as referred by the medical community, are fleshy, soft growths that are adhered to the skin commonly called skin tags. However, these are not such gigantic issues, and they do not increase any type of cancer but are only referred to and for a cosmetic concern. They also seem not to cause any discomfort or pain, but still many people wish to remove it as they wish to have clearer skin.

Wherever friction and moisture are common, skin tags find themselves places to grow there as they appear by growing once you are little or can grow later in your life. They can either show up on the eyelids, on the neck or even close to the genitals. Many people have a touch of discomfort whenever they wear a certain type of jewelry or clothing but overall, they don’t cause much pain. If a skin tag is accidentally twisted, a tiny blood clot can be acquired, which leads to making it a bit painful. So, it is very suggested not to twist or touch any skin tag.

As earlier said that skin tags or moles aren’t referred to as a medical issue, only a cosmetic one, meaning your health insurance won’t give you any help in arranging it to be removed. There are still ways in which you can easily remove the skin tags without feeling any slight of pain along with saving your time and money. They do not grow back in the same area once luckily removed, proves to be a piece of amazing news.

Taking tips from the Internet and other searches which can consider on removing skin tags should be very careful and cautious, extremely when it tells you to use nail polish, chemicals, or other kinds of materials such as duct tape as these are not exclusively safe to use on the skin. But there are always ways to remove your skin tags and moles safely with the use of natural compounds.  These are provided below.

Now, there are two ways to deal with skin tags, either by the conventional way where you should visit your dermatologist or physician so they can conduct a physical examination of your skin or by doing home remedies that can lead to saving plenty amounts of your money.

Conventional ways to treat skin tags and moles

For now, there are three conventional treatments skin tag practices that are currently used by dermatologists. Your location, condition, and size depend on the treatment. The disadvantage of these methods is your health insurance will not assume responsibility for this, which means you will beget to pay by your own money. It is recommended to discuss all the options with your dermatologist.


The first option and selection of removing your skin tag the conventional way is by doing surgery, thus, the procedure often takes downtime as it involves a topical anesthetic. However, a scalpel is used to remove the skin tag, it is completely painless.

surgeon performing surgery


This is mainly done by freezing. I don’t mean with just an ice cube, but with a surprisingly cold compound called liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen freezes, so it is simpler to eliminate it without feeling any pain. Liquid nitrogen is used in several other operations as well. It is profoundly prescribed for only scientists to be acceptable for using it.

liquid nitrogen


This treatment is the total opposite of Cryotherapy. Cauterization involves heating carefully towards the skin tag, so it falls off. This treatment as well is not recommended to do at home. It also takes quite a number of days for this treatment to be completed.

These are the 3 famous ways of getting your skin tag removed by the conventional way. However, if you’re on a budget, you can try some easy home remedies that aren’t equally effective but somewhat helps.

Home Remedies for Skin Tags and Moles

Apple cider vinegar

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Applying apple cider vinegar can actually aid to treat skin tags. This treatment starts by soaking a sterile cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and engaging it over the skin tag. It is sufficient to put a bandage over it for 20 minutes. Keep doing and repeating this little treatment for a few days and you will see the skin tag dying out.

Tea tree oil

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This treatment is very useful as it soothes where the skin tag is placed. This makes the area look as if there was never a skin tag present. Apply 8 drops of tea tree oil to a sterile cotton ball and secure it with a bandage. Do this treatment 3 times a day, you will start feeling that the skin tag starts to fall off. However, this takes around a few to several weeks.

Oil of oregano

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Using oil of oregano is another amazing treatment as it has amazing positive reviews. Add 2 drops of carrier oil with 4 drops oil of oregano. Apply it on the skin 3 times a day. You will start noticing the skin tag fades away in a few days.

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