5 Ways to Straighten Your Hair

Straight hair is convenient, pretty and stylish for all weathers. The problem lies in the tools which are used for straightening and many people consider the straightening tools to produce the damaging effects on hair. However, if you use proper products, equipment and techniques then you can get this perfect look without any destruction to your hair.

People these days want perfect looking hair at all times, it is because of this reason that we are going to share five ways which help in straightening your hair:

Hair Straightening Irons

girl using a hair iron

Wash your hair and blow-dry it completely because straightening works best on the washed hair. While washing your hair, use the proper shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type. For frizzy, thick hair use smoothing products while for flat, thin hair make use of volumizing hair products. First, dry your hair with a towel and apply the heat-protection spray. The heat-protection spray should be of good quality which prevents the loss of moisture and prevents your hair from becoming frazzled and dry. Now blow-dry your hair which makes your straightening work less.

Divide your hair into multiple sections so that you straighten your hair properly without missing some strands. Set the temperature of your hair straightening irons or private label flat irons at correct temperature according to your hair type. The right temperature of hair straighteners makes sure that they offer you the best results.

Fine hair: 200-300 degree F

Hair with average thickness: 300-350 degree F

Very coarse or frizzy hair: 350-400 degree F

Choose a strand of 1-2 inches while straightening so that it gives you the best results. After you are done with straightening, examine yourself in the mirror to avoid missing any sections. Use a hair setting spray or silicone serum for holding your hair in place. To get your hair to straighten you can buy hair straightening irons or some private label flat irons which are available at cheaper prices.

Wrapping Your Hair Tightly

girl wrapping her hair in silk scarf

Comb your wet hair and divide them from the center. Comb the left section of your hair towards the right and right section of your hair towards the left. It’s a sort of comb-over with wrapping the hair over the back and securing hair with the help of bobby pins. Let your hair dry completely and wrap it within the silk scarf which helps in reduction of frizz.

Hair Masks

girl applying hair masks

We have mentioned some hair masks for you which helps in straightening your hair naturally or helps in reduction of frizz.

Egg and milk pack: Add 1 egg to 1 cup of milk in a bowl. Now whip it for 2-3 minutes. Apply this pack with the help of a brush and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Wrap your head with a towel and wash your hair with the help of mild shampoo. After using the egg and milk pack, you will get surprised by the amazing results.

Oil and Aloe Vera pack: Aloe Vera helps in hair growth. Mix a half cup of coconut oil with half cup of Aloe Vera. Now apply this pack all over your hair, wait for 1 hour, now wash with the help of a shampoo and say goodbye to the frizzy hair.

Roll the Hair

girl with rollers in her hair

Make use of large hair rollers and roll the strands of wet hair with them. Now secure them tightly with the help of bobby pins over your head. It is very important because slight moisture can result in wavy hair.

Use Hair Bands

ponytails with hair bands

Divide your damp hair into two low ponytails. Fasten both the sections with hair elastics after every inch in your ponytail. However, make sure that the elastics are slightly loose because they might leave the marks on your hair. Sleep well and remove the bands in the morning.

Twist Your Hair in a Bun

girl with hair bun

You can use this method for slight straight hair which is not stubborn wavy in nature. In damp hair, make 1 ponytail, now twist in the form of a rope. Wrap around the ponytail and make a bun. Now secure it with the help of elastic. Dry your hair and brush them.

Choose your favorite straightening methods accordingly. You need to remember that you don’t need flat, straight hair, in fact, you need a nourished hair which stays healthy, strong and resilient towards the damage. Start working on your hair when it’s wet or damp because the drier your hair the more frizzy it turns out.

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