4 Tips on How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally

Hair, along with nails, teeth and skin, is one of the body parts that women believe contributes the most to making a good first impression on other people. And they’re right.

Hair is made out of a protein called keratin. Each individual hair grows from a single follicle located under the scalp. While the actual thickness of the hair depends mostly on the size of each follicle, there is a huge market out there for products that give the appearance of thicker hair. Whether this is accomplished by increasing general volume, or by preventing hair loss and breakage. The problem with most of these treatments is that they tend to be incredibly expensive, when lots of the results can be properly imitated with simple, cheap home remedies. Take a look at these four:


Eggs make hair thicker

Before you cringe at the thought of rubbing eggs on your hair like it was shampoo, here are some of the facts:

As we said before, hair is made essentially of protein and, as anyone who ever tried a gym diet knows, eggs are filled with protein. If you want your hair to look thicker, longer and stronger, you should definitely consider getting a regular treatment with eggs, as continued use has proven to work for many women of all types, colors and lengths of hair. The basic egg treatment for your hair goes something like this:

Step 1) Mix a couple eggs together in a bowl.

Step 2) Dampen your hair a little bit with tepid water.

Step 3) Apply the eggs on your scalp and hair, massaging both as if you were using your regular shampoo.

Step 4) Leave the treatment on for at least 30 minutes.

Step 5) Wash your hair with warm water and, if needed, add some shampoo.

If you use this treatment twice a week for at least six to eight weeks, you will start to notice your hair become stronger.

Coconut oil

coconut oil for thicker hair

As you can check for yourself, a lot of professional hair products, like shampoo, conditioner and even some hairsprays include coconut oil. The reason behind this is, simply put, because oil is great for your hair.

As it happens with the egg, coconut oil is filled with proteins –in this case, vegetable proteins- that can help you get stronger and thicker hair when applied repeatedly. And, with coconut oil, you shouldn’t have any problems following a treatments regime of two to three times a week for several weeks, since the smell is absolutely delightful. Here is how you can take care of your hair with coconut oil –which, by the way, you can get at pretty much any convenience store or supermarket-:

Step 1) Very slightly dampen your hair with tepid water –if your hair is too damp, the oil might just slip off, since oil and water don’t mix-.

Step 2) Warm a couple tablespoons of coconut oil and apply it to your scalp and hair as if you were using normal shampoo –it is very important that the oil is only a little bit warm, not anything even close to hot, since it could cause you serious injuries-.

Step 3) Cover your hair with a towel you previously heated by running it under very hot water –please be careful- and then ringing out all the water so you’re left with just the hot, damp towel.

Step 4) Leave the towel on your head for thirty minutes. This will help keeping the oil warm while it gets into the hair shaft.

Step 5) Rinse your hair with abundant water and shampoo. You should take all the oil off, so don’t stop until the greasy sensation goes away.

Applying this treatment 2-3 times a week for several weeks, if done correctly, can greatly enhance the appearance and strength of your hair. Plus, it will make your hair smell delightfully!


photo of avocado

This definitely might sound strange to you, but avocado’s natural oils and proteins are actually incredible for your hair’s thickness and strength!

Avocado treatments –as well as the coconut oil one- have the added benefit of helping your hair look shinier. This home remedy is incredibly simple to apply. Just follow the next couple steps:

Step 1) Mash one or two whole avocados –without the seed, of course- with a tablespoon of olive oil to form a thick mask.

Step 2) Slightly dampen your hair with warm water.

Step 3) Apply the mask while massaging your hair and scalp.

Step 4) Leave the treatment on for twenty minutes.

Step 5) Rinse your hair with warm water.

What are you waiting for? You can get nicer, thicker hair in just a few weeks by trying this amazing avocado home remedy!

4) Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular plants when it comes to personal care. It is found in lotion, ointments and lots of other products. One of the greatest benefits of Aloe Vera is that it does wonder for the skin, and when applied as a gel to the scalp, it can greatly improve your follicles condition, which would naturally result in less hair loss. How?

photo of aloe vera

You just have to apply the Aloe Vera gel to your scalp and letting it sit for 20-30 minutes. After that, just rinse with warm water. You don’t have to use shampoo, since Aloe Vera smells incredible and doesn’t irritate the skin after prolonged use, so even if you don’t get all of it off, there will be no problem. Using this treatment once a week for some weeks, will improve your hair’s strength and thickness.

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